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About Us

Child Welfare Society – Sierra Leone is an advocacy , non-governmental and non-profit charitable organization that focuses on the development and welfare of vulnerable children, like street children, orphans, abandoned, abused, desperate, war affected and neglected children, regardless of their religion, sex, colour or tribe etc. 


The Society is operating in all the Six Administrative Districts (Kailahun, Kenema, Tonkolili, Bonthe, Bo and Portloko)  including Westen Area Urban and Western Area Rural  in Sierra Leone.


The society was founded in the year 2000 but was officially launched on the 13th October, 2001, by the then-Minister of Health and Sanitation. The Society’s activities are directed to influence and  support where necessary the effort of Government and Development partners to ending maternal deaths, reducing infant and child mortality, malnutrition, hunger and violations against children and children especially those in vulnerable and marginalised communities.



Direct Services


  • Creating opportunities for healthy growth of children and mothers in need of basic support

  • Effective and sustained support to the country Health, Education and Agricultural sectors

  • Food for needy, health and work programmes

  • Programmes to fight vulnerability of communities through livelihood diversification and improved access to resources

  • Community nutrition assistance to combat micronutrient deficiencies among children and women

  • Improve water and sanitation and management for smallholder animal farmers

  • Empowerment of rural poor, especially women, youth, the landless indigenous people and the disabled

  • Build capacity of children to speak out. 

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